Students participate in drug-free out of school time activities in Kensington.

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What is CADEkids?
Founded in 1987, CADEkids helps K-8th grade students make good decisions by teaching them how to control their impulses and avoid conflict, violence and drug use. In 2018-19, we served 10,800 students (in the classroom with the teacher present) in 35 schools: 6,900 in our core prevention programs and 3,900 through problem gambling awareness lessons.


How does CADEkids work?
Through evidence-based instruction from our Prevention Specialists in a caring atmosphere, CADEkids provides young children with the skills they need to move successfully through school and life.


The lessons CADEkids teaches kids really “stick” and we have seen how a lesson taught today stays with our kids all week.


CADEkids' Prevention Specialists spend one (or more) days per week on site at each assigned school using evidence-based curricula that include basic life skills lessons and behavioral health instruction.


CADEkids' skilled Prevention Specialists are often from the same or similar neighborhoods as the kids they serve. There is great power in the students seeing themselves in the Specialists. 




What are the results of CADEkids' work?
In recent evaluations, CADEkids school administrators have given high marks for the program's overall impact on school safety and climate.

Due to CADEkids work, school evaluations have shown significant improvement in student behavior from reductions in angry outbursts, bullying, and violence, to increased school attendance.


The results of CADEkids work are measurable. 95% of CADEkids students are promoted to the next grade. For the 2018-2019 academic year, 98% of teachers and school officials rated CADEkids performance as excellent (78%) or good (20%).


Why is CADEkids important?
In helping children see their own potential for becoming good people and contributing members of their communities, CADEkids programs have a subsequent positive effect on the community.


CADEkids shows kids that what often comes with making good decisions is an increased confidence and overall happiness with oneself. Good choices today lead to more good choices in the future.


The goal of CADEkids is to work closely with students to ensure they steer clear of self-destructive behaviors such as addiction and violence.



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