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CADEkids' 2016-17 evaluations


School teachers and administrators completed 250 year-end evaluations, givng CADEkids' Prevention Specialists high marks for classroom effectiveness (80% excellent, 17% good) and program quality (69% excellent, 28% good). Nearly 70% noted at least one significant area of improvement in students' behavior: better classroom attendance (19%), less violent incidents (21%), fewer angry outbursts (48%), and less bulllying (35%).


CADEkids' independent evaluation deemed our program as “remarkable.”


In an August 2010 study of 6,200 program participants and 7,900 control group students, well-known education research Katherine Meyers and her team at Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition found outstanding results for CADEkids’ 2008-09 school year, concentrated in Philadelphia’s lowest-performing public schools.  Middle (MS) and elementary school (ES) students who participated in CADEkids were significantly more likely to characterize their friends as people who did not use drugs (MS, 72%; ES, 74%), alcohol (MS, 68%; ES, 81%), or cigarettes (MS, 70%; ES, 71%), after participation.  Participants likewise changed their attitudes toward violence-related behavior, such as reduced approval of hitting back (MS, 59%; ES, 63%) pushing others around (MS, 58%; ES, 32%), and saying mean things (MS, 59%; ES, 22%). Participant school attendance rates exceed those of the control group.  Additionally, groups at risk of academic failure—such as African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and those with limited English proficiency— improved math scores at a greater rate than those similarly limited who did not participate in CADEkids, and increased their reading achievement significantly more if they participated.


Independent research through Project HYPE (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence)—from 2002-06—demonstrated a positive correlation between participation in CADEkids programs and school attendance. Project HYPE, the five-year independent research initiative funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which studied more than 800 Philadelphia public school students from fourth through eighth grade. Upon completion, approximately 700 students remained in the study. Independent research revealed the following Project HYPE Year V results:


  • CADEkids-only students improved both knowledge of and attitudes against drug use significantly more than other groups.
  • For CADEkids students, attending Project HYPE classes was positively correlated with school attendance. Students who attended more HYPE classes, on the whole, were absent less from school than those who attended fewer HYPE classes.
  • Most 8th graders had drug refusal plans; approximately one in five had put them to use.


In addition to results obtained from data analysis, our track record of achievement in the Philadelphia public schools is a tale told by the teachers and school officials who complete customer satisfaction evaluations each year.  Consistent with results in prior years, 98% of our 2012-13 evaluations, from more than 170 school personnel, highly rated CADEkids services (76% excellent, 22%, good).  This outstanding assessment derives from specific performance indicators for the 8,000 classroom students we taught.



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