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We’re all about You. Even our name stands for our work to help you be the person you want to be: Changing Attitudes, Decisions, and Environments for Kids—CADEkids! We believe that there is a champion inside every student, and that the champion emerges when children feel confident about how to deal safely with the stresses in their lives. Our goal is for you to feel good about yourself and to equip you with techniques to help you stay out of conflicts and avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable.


Where you'll find us

  • In the classroom, teaching "life skills." Our Prevention Specialists will work with you on positive ways to respond to the challenges you face everyday --stress at home, violence, peer pressure, bullying. What goes on in a CADEkids' classroom stays in the classroom: a place where you can talk about things on your mind.

  • Our Prevention Specialist will be in your school on the same day each week all during the school year. He or she is there for you.


In this section of our website, you’ll find a reading list just for you, a way to contact a Prevention Specialist (se habla español), sign up for the alumni team, and answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we hear from students across the region.


Here's to your success!



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