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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Why would people want to put bad things into their bodies?

A: One answer might be that they might not realize how dangerous the bad things are; another is that they are not taking care of themselves. Sometimes people start using a drug just to see what it feels like, but it can turn into an addiction (like cigarettes) and it's very hard to stop.


Q: Why are some drugs good for you and some drugs wrong for you to take?

A: You can discuss how drugs are powerful chemicals that change the way you feel. Doctors prescribe medicine to make sick people better--these are "good " drugs. "Bad" drugs are ones that aren't given by doctors and don't make you better; in fact, they can harm your body. That is why it is wrong to take these "bad" drugs.


Q: Why can't I taste that "grown-up" drink?

A: A small amount of alcohol has a much greater negative effect on a child's body than on an adult's; even a small amount can sicken a child.


Q: Did you smoke marijuana when you were young?

A: Don't give your child more information than necessary. If the answer is "yes," give the reasons why you feel you made a mistake; for instance, it made you feel out of control, you missed schoolwork, messed up in sports, let down your friends or lost touch with them. Also explain that more is known about the harmful effects of marijuana and other drugs now.



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