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A $100 gift educates two students for an entire year! -- ALL contributions are welcome! ( heading left)

CADEkids is confident that we have prevention programs that are age-appropriate and effective, and we hope you find it worthy of your generous support.( heading right))

You can donate today by clicking here to make a positive difference in children's lives.


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Two major studies now show why a program like CADEkids is a wise way for you to invest in making a difference in the community: 


First, CASEL (Collaborative for Academic,Social and Emotional Learning), at the University of Illinois, found that students who participate in school-based programs focused on scoial and emotional leanring "significantly improved," compared to othe non participants in" 

  •  Achievement scores and school grades 
  • Social and classoom behavior 
  • How they feel about themselves and interact with others.


These findings are consisten with findings of earlier CADEkids-specific studies and represent a high standard of excellence nation-wide. 


Second, the Prevention Research Center ( PRC) at The Pennsylvania State University finds that classroom-based life-skills instruction is much more cost effective than any other youth prevention prgoramming in Pennsylvania. PRC states that "Unusual low program cost and wide reach, combined with high effectivness, results in a return on investment of over $25 per dollar invested." By contrast a well- known mentoring program yields only $1.01 for every $1.00 invested." In the case of life-skills instruction, benefits include staying in school, avoiding the adverse health effects associated with violence and banned substances, and reducing government costs for a whole range of corrective expenses, including prisons, social services, mental health services, law enforcement, and the courts. 


CADEkids- a wise investment in making a difference in the community. 

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