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Parents, Caregivers, Teachers, and Grown-up Friends of Children


A special welcome to our CADEkids website.


Our name describes our goal and also our process of helping children and their schools be successful: Changing Attitudes, Decisions, and Environments for Kids—“CADEkids!”


CADEkids has nearly 30 years of experience working with children from Kindergarten through eighth grade in public schools throughout the Philadelphia region. In “CADEkids Tips,” we share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years that have helped us keep children and youth engaged, feeling respected, and held to standards they are proud to meet.


In Advocacy, we suggest some ways you can become active with public officials, to continuously improve chances for kids’ success in our schools, communities, and future.


In “Contact Us,” we provide you with the best way to get in touch with one of our Prevention Specialists if there are areas of concern to further explore. Se habla español.


In the gamut of social services agencies—from prevention through treatment to recovery support services—we are a group of behavioral health educators who teach children life skills and Social-Emotion Learning techniques that are evidence-based and adhere to nationally validated curriculum. School districts give us the extraordinary opportunity to provide instructions to students in the classroom as part of their daily learning experience. This is a tremendous gift, and we feel blessed to share our excellent curriculum and expertise with your children every day.



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128 Chestnut Street, Suite 302

Philadelphia, PA 19106


Phone: (215) 925-0643

Fax: (215) 925-3280

Email: lburgess@cadekids.org



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