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CADEkids’ Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides behavioral health assessments and screeners to students in grades K-12 throughout the City of Philadelphia. SAP is not a treatment program; instead, it is a comprehensive, evidence-based program using trained personnel and community-based early interventions to address behaviors impeding students’ education.

There are four components of CADEkids’ SAP: Team Planning/Referral, Assessment, Intervention/Recommendations, and Aftercare. Our team takes pride in tailoring recommendations to the unique needs of each student and supporting students and families step by step in the process of acquiring those recommended services.

As a SAP provider, we partner with schools’ climate teams to identify and address academic, behavioral, and mental health concerns. Any teacher, counselor, school official, parent, or student can submit a SAP referral. In schools where CADEkids is the designated provider, referrals and SAP services are available free of charge throughout the academic school year.

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