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Through our evidence-based programs, we empower young people with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and resist the pressures of substance misuse and violence. This included the launch of an initiative that involved a veteran prevention specialist targeting four schools specifically in Kensington.

  • Served 4,123 students with evidence-based prevention lessons.
  • 95% of teachers rated CADEkids prevention specialists’ classroom effectiveness as Excellent (72%) or Good (23%).
  • 100% of teachers reported CADEkids’ prevention specialists’ attendance and punctuality as Excellent (90%) or Good (10%).
  • Program quality was rated as Excellent (89%), Good (19%), Fair (1%), Adequate (1%).
  • 63% of teachers noted positive changes in classroom behavior during the CADEkids program.

Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) enables us to provide holistic and personalized support beyond the classroom. We recognize that some students may face unique challenges, and during the past year, we were able to identify and provide tailored recommendations for students to access essential community-based services. This personalized approach helps us to address the diverse needs of the youth we serve.

  • 207 students were given targeted recommendations for community-based services, including mental health, substance use intervention, community support services, and positive social activities.
  • 49% of parents confirmed students accessed at least one of the recommended services.
  • 100% of counselors surveyed were satisfied with CADEkids SAP services (75% rating 5/5 and 25% rating 4/5).
  • 100% of counselors surveyed rated their satisfaction with their CADEkids SAP Assessor at 5/5.
  • Counselors described our services as:
    • “Collaborative, Well-Communicated, Caring.”
    • “Responsive and timely.”
    • “Every Assessor has been flexible and knowledgeable.”

After-School Program Pilot at CCV

14 students participated in the Too Good for Violence curriculum in an after-school setting at the Community Center at Visitation.

  • Upper elementary students showed a 50 percentage point increase in the area of self-esteem and positive future outlook from the pre-test to the post-test.
  • Upper elementary students demonstrated a 14 percentage point increase in knowledge of healthy relationships and communication skills from the pre-test to the post-test.
  • 2/4 middle school students present for the post-test demonstrated decreased positive attitudes toward violence and increased positive self-esteem.

CADEkids first-ever Summer Camp Program

In 2023, we expanded our commitment to youth education beyond the school year. This summer, we organized a successful summer camp program at the Community Center at Visitation. Over two weeks, nine students participated in various prevention lessons and engaging activities. This initiative not only provided a fun and supportive environment for these students but also reinforced the important lessons they’ve learned throughout the year. The Overdose Prevention and Community Healing Fund Grant funded this initiative.

David Montgomery Library Series

Another notable achievement in 2023 was the restarting of our library program, which had been on hiatus since 2020. This summer, we successfully reached 60 students across two libraries. The library series is funded by the Windmill Foundation and Ernst and Young.

CADEkids Financial Literacy Workshops

This summer CADEkids developed two financial literacy workshops incorporating resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and addressing risks associated with financial decision-making. These programs were funded with support from Ernst and Young.

  • In the pilot session, 56% of students demonstrated an increased understanding of earning power and strategies to increase their earning potential.
  • In the same session, 100% of post-test participants accurately defined “interest” (a 33% increase from the pre-test).
  • Upper elementary students demonstrated improved attitudes toward saving money, having a financial plan, and having an emergency fund.
  • Upper elementary students decreased positive attitudes toward playing the lottery to earn money. 

CADEkids problem gambling initiative aligns with our mission to promote overall well-being and equip students with the tools to navigate potential risks associated with gambling. CADEkids is expanding our problem gambling prevention initiative to address urgent concerns around addictive gaming, social media use, and financial literacy. Check back soon for more information about these programs.

  • Reached 930 students with problem gambling prevention education lessons.
  • 90% of teachers rated the problem gambling and gaming prevention education program as good or excellent.
  • 100% of teachers rated the prevention specialist’s attendance and punctuality as Excellent.

CASEL’s Study on Social & Emotional Learning

Conducted by the University of Illinois, this study indicates students involved in school-based programs focusing on social and emotional growth significantly outperform their peers in:

  • Academic achievement and grades;
  • Classroom and social behavior; and
  • Self-perception and interpersonal interactions.

These results echo CADEkids’ studies, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

PRC’s Findings on Cost-Effectiveness

The Prevention Research Center at Pennsylvania State University highlighted that classroom-based life-skills instruction offers exceptional return on investment (ROI). For every dollar invested, there’s a return of over $25!

Compare this to some mentoring programs, which barely break even at a $1.01 return per dollar of investment.

The benefits of life-skills instruction include:

  • Greater school retention;
  • Healthier lifestyles;
  • Steering clear of violence and prohibited substances; and
  • Decreased governmental expenses in areas such as prisons, social services, mental health, law enforcement, and the judiciary.
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