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The mission of CADEkids is to promote children’s potential for growth through comprehensive school and community-based youth development and support programs. We begin these programs at an early age, with the goal of encouraging positive choices while reducing high-risk behaviors.

CADEkids works alongside schools to strengthen Philadelphia’s most valuable resource, our children. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s 100 Shooting Review published in January of 2022 found that 50% of the shootings that resulted in arrest had a motive of an argument, and 18% had a motive related to drug trafficking or transactions. CADEkids’ evidence-based violence and substance misuse prevention curricula address skills including conflict resolution, emotional regulation, peer refusal skills, and risk assessment. The skills gained in CADEkids programs help to address the two largest motives of shootings in Philadelphia.

CADEkids’ support of students does not stop at classroom instruction. We also provide a Student Assistance Program to help connect students and families who need additional support with positive community-based mental health, behavioral health, or positive social resources. According to the recommendations of the DAO, “Above all else, real solutions require that prevention be addressed.” CADEkids provides a component of that prevention and community connection for our kids.

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